EZE - Ekologické zdroje energie s.r.o.

Electricity trading

Our company is built on the principles of  providing reliable service. Our unique service has established our place in the wholesale energy market. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients. Ekologicke Zdroje Energie s.r.o. specialize in buying electricity from renewable sources (wind, solar, water, biomass), power shaping and control.
Ekologicke Zdroje Energie s.r.o.  is trading electricity in Czech Republic and other European markets. The focus is primarily on electricity trading from renewable sources and price fluctuations in the spot markets ("power shaping"). We are one of the biggest companies by volume on intraday market.








Ekologické Zdroje Energie s.r.o.

gen. Piky 300/12A
Olomouc, 77900
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 246 019 119
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